Orvis Outdoor News
By Kimberly Bellamy

Orvis has joined forces with Shorefox LLC to develop a unique 1,500 acre fly fishing resort community near Granby Colorado on 2 1/4 miles of the legendary Upper Colorado River headwaters. In keeping with the Orvis commitment to conservation, Orvis Shorefox has partnered with CFI on fisheries development and management, as well as the enhancement, preservation and habitat restoration along the Colorado River and throughout the property's system of lakes and ponds. This important project has already begun; the habitat restoration phase started in fall of 2003. The historic range of the Colorado River cutthroat includes approximately 23,000 miles of perennial stream. The current range of the species, however, only includes a small fraction of this original mileage. Research calculates that the 318 existing populations occupy roughly 1,200 stream miles, indicating Colorado River cutthroat trout populations inhabit roughly only 5% of their historic range. Presently, all remaining populations of Colorado River cutthroat trout are restricted to habitats over 7,000 feet elevation. Research indicates that there are currently only 38 un-hybridized, genetically pure populations of Colorado River Cutthroat left in 119 miles of stream.

 Orvis president Perk Perkins hails the project as "an opportunity to build an entire community around the sporting tradition that is the heart of Orvis. "

Orvis is a founding member of the Save the Colorado River Cutthroat Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to revitalizing the only indigenous trout of the Upper Colorado River. Responsible management and use of the waters at Shorefox will go a long way in reviving the area's resident cutthroat population. "Our firm has pioneered a new and innovative remedy to assist this troubled fish in reestablishing prolific, genetically pure populations in the Upper Colorado River basin," explains Shannon Skelton, President of CFI "Through the combined efforts of Orvis, Shorefox LLC, and CFI, we are confident that this project can evolve into contributing a viable source of wild Colorado River Cutthroat trout into not only the Upper Colorado River basin, but dispersed throughout its entire historical native range."
Orvis Newsletter featuring CFI and Orvis Shorefox Shannon Skelton, President of CFI, releases a wild Orvis Shorefox brown trout.

Orvis president Perk Perkins hails the project as "an opportunity to build an entire community around the sporting tradition that is the heart of Orvis." The Shorefox plan aspires to provide an unparalleled opportunity to experience the sporting tradition Orvis is known for. It will feature world-class river and lake fly fishing, wing shooting fields, a sporting clays course, fishing and shooting schools and guide services. Championship golf and riding will be included with the full amenities of the Resort.

Orvis Shorefox will be built on two distinct parcels of land split by 2 1/4 miles of the Colorado River. The North Ranch will be a private community of 40-acre estate ranches, a 30-suite Fisherman's Lodge, and 20 fishermen's riverside cabins-with some 500 acres of shared open ranch pasture, a 35-acre lake, barns, stables, and corrals. A beautiful 2 1/4 miles of the river will be reserved for the private use of North Ranch residents. It will be the only gated fly-fishing community of its kind in Colorado.

On the other side of the river, Orvis Shorefox will feature the 100-room five-star Orvis Shorefox Inn; construction begins this year. Amenities will include a spa, health club and swimming pool, an 18-hole Championship Golf Course and the Orvis Flyfishing School. The Resort Village will also offer a conference center. Look for updates on the Orvis Shorefox community in future issues of the Orvis News.